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Maintenance Services for WordPress should be part of your online strategy. If not you could be losing business. We are more than happy to take care of all your WordPress maintenance needs. Below you will find more information about this service.

Why does my WordPress website need maintenance?

Having a Great looking website is great. However, over time your WordPress Website can start to run slower and slower. Once this happens you could start to lose your ranking on the Search Engines. Not to mention your users will leave your website and may never return. Keeping your WordPress Website’s plug-ins, Theme, and WordPress it’s self up to date will help it to run at it’s best. Also, it will help to keep your site from getting hacked or getting nasty malware bugs.

Why would I hire you guys to do this when I can do it myself?

We know what it is like running a business. If you wear too many hats it can take you away from what is important in your business or in life. Yes, you can make these updates and perform the maintenance yourself. But if you do not have the time or the technical skill to do them that is where we come in.

With our WordPress Maintenance Service, we will perform the following at a low monthly fee. 

  • Updates: Make sure that all your Plug-ins, Theme, and WordPress are always up-to-date
  • Secure: We will make sure that your site is secure from hackers. We do this by looking for loopholes in the site itself and then apply any needed fixes. 
  • Monitor: We will monitor your site on a daily basis and address any problems that might come up.
  • Database: We will optimize your database on a weekly basis. If you never optimize your database this will cause your WordPress website to run very slow. This needs to be done regularly. 
  • Communication: If there is ever a problem with your website we will notify you right away.
  • Backups: We will make sure that your Website and database is backed up. With this, if there is ever a problem with your WordPress website we can restore it to an earlier day fast and easy.
Maintenance Services for WordPress

Let's Get Started

If you are interested in this service please take the time to fill out the below form. Once we receive your form submission we will reach out to you to answer any questions that you might have and get a form of payment to begin this service.

Please note: Once you click on the submit button if you do not get our confirmation page then the form did not submit. If you have any problems with this form feel free to contact us.

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