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cPanel Help

We offer a cPanel to every hosting customer. With a cPanel, you become your own hosting admin. In your cPanel, you can perform a number of tasks, like setup e-mail accounts, FTP users, databases, and much more. 

    1. Login to your control panel
    2. Under the files category choose FTP Accounts
    3. Complete the information needed to create the account (login, password) We recommend setting the quota at 50-100MB
    4. Click Create FTP Account
    5. Click Configure FTP Client to the right of the new account
    6. Open Filezilla
    7. Enter in the username and password to Filezilla
    8. Upload file
    9. Send username and password to customer for them to download the file to their computer

    Click here to download Filezilla

    1. Log into your cPanel.
    2. Click on Email Accounts under the Mail section.
    3. Enter the email address and password you wish to use for the account and click Create Account.
    1. Login to your cPanel with your username and password.
    2. Scroll down to Metrics and then click on Webalizer
    3. Click on view to the right.

    Once in there you should see all the activity data for your website.

    1. Login into your cPanel account http://cwdesigning.com:2082/
    2. Under files click on Backup Wizard => Backup => Full Backup 
    3. Under Backup Destination select Home Directory then click on the Generate Backup
    4. Once the back up is done go back to the Back cPanel home page and click on File Manager
    5. Click on the backup and then click on the Download button at the top
    Keep in mind that backups saved on the server will take up space. If you need to delete a backup to save space click on the backup you would like to delete and then click the delete button at the top.
    Creative Web Designing makes weekly and daily backups of all website files on the server.