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CMS Help

CMS (Content Management System) is a program that we can add to your hosting package that will allow you to update your website yourself.

Click here to login into your CMS.

    1. Log into CMS control panel and select page to be edited.
    2. Click in the white area where you would like to insert the image.
    3. Click on image icon from toolbar above.
    4. In image property box click upload tab then click browse and find the image on your computer.
    5. Click send to server.
    6. Click image info tab and adjust the width and height (When either the width or height is adjusted the other will change automatically).
    7. Click OK.
    1. On the page with the image double click the image or right click and open the image properties.
    2. There you will see HSpace and VSpace.
    3. Enter the number value to move the image to where you would like it.
    1. Log into CMS control panel and select page to be edited.
    2. Click in white area where you would like the table.
    3. Click the table icon from the toolbar above.
    4. In the table properties box fill in preferences.
    5. Click OK.

      If you need to edit the table once it’s inserted right click over the table and choose table properties.
    1. Right click over the row you would like to add to.
    2. Choose if you would like to add a row or column and where you would like it to appear in the table (Example: insert row above).
    1. Log into the CMS control panel and select the page to be edited.
    2. Highlight the word you would like linked to the document.
    3. Click on the link icon on the toolbar above.
    4. In the link box click on the upload tab.
    5. Click browse and navigate to the file you are uploading.
    6. Click send to the server.
    7. Click OK.
    8. Click publish at the bottom of the page.
    1. Login to your CMS control panel.
    2. Find the page you want to clone.
    3. Next click on the icon to the right of the page name that says “clone” (It will say “clone” when you put your mouse over it.
    4. On the next screen rename the page to the new page name. (Do not add a .htm or .html to the page name. Best to use all lower cases and no spaces.)
    5. Next click on the Clone Page button at the bottom. Once done you will go to the new page.
    6. Make any changes and then click on the Publish button at the bottom.
    7. Once done you can view your new page in any browser by going to your domain name followed by /testpage.htm
    1. Login to your CMS control panel.
    2. Open the page that you will be making the links on.
    3. Highlight the text with your mouse.
    4. On the menu bar at the top click on the link icon.
    5. In the box that pops up under Link info add your new link (Example: http://cwdesigning.com/new-page.htm) in the box underURL.
    6. Once done Publish the page and you are done.

    Always test your links by going to your website and clicking on them.

If you’re unable to solve your problem or can’t find a solution in this help FAQ, please e-mail us for help at support@cwdesigning.com.