How to create backups and restore your site?

Our custom Backup tool lets you create backups and restore old versions of your site with a click. You can restore your whole website or just parts you need specifically, like files, databases, emails. You get access to 30 backup copies of your site for each day of the past month if you’re on a shared hosting plan. Cloud users can restore from up to 7 days back.

The Backup Restore solution is included and offered for free in all of our shared hosting plans. To access it, go to your Site Tools > Security > Backups.

Note that apart from these automated system backups made by SiteGround, you can create up to 5 on-demand backups with our GrowBig and GoGeek plans or purchase single backups with StartUp.

To restore website data from a backup, you need to scroll down to Manage Backups and find the desired backup. If you have several backups, use the backup date to find easily the backup you want to restore from. Then click on the Actions menu and select a restore option.

How to restore specific data

If you need to restore only your files, databases, or emails, go to Manage Backups > Actions Menu (next to the desired backup). Then, select the type of data you want to recover and follow the next respective steps.

How to view your restored history

You can see the history of your restores for the last 14 days in Site Tools > Security > Backups > Restore History. In the table, you can find more information about the type of your restores, the date of restoration, and more.