Apache Spam Assassin Tutorial

Apache SpamAssassin is an automated mail filter that uses a wide range of heuristic algorithms on mail headers and message body text to identify “SPAM” (unsolicited email). Its performance depends on the individual configuration, which can be tuned by each website owner. Once identified, the mail is tagged as “SPAM” for later filtering using the user’s desktop mail client.

For more information, please visit SpamAssassin official website.

To access the Apache SpamAssassin tool, click on the Apache SpamAssassin icon on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

To enable Apache SpamAssassin, click on the Enable Apache SpamAssassin button.

To disable Spam Box, click on the Disable Spam Box button.

To see the additional SpamAssassin settings, click on Configure Apache SpamAssassin.

You will be taken to a page where you will be able to configure how aggressive Apache SpamAssassin to be for the spam messages. You can blacklist up to five mail addresses from which you don’t want to receive mail. In the required_score field you can set the number of hits required before a mail is considered as spam. SpamAssassin uses its own algorithm when assigning spam score to messages. Basically, the lower value you set, the more aggressively SpamAssassin will treat the incoming messages. In the score fields you can assign scores to a given test performed by SpamAssassin

The last five fields are for whitelisted mail addresses. You should whitelist addresses which send mail that is often tagged incorrectly as spam.